The Locanda’s health center, named “The Ancient Termae Romanae” is the reproduction of a ritual site consecrated to the myth of the Medusa. You will move through passages and cisterns in a place where time has been suspended, where the Medusa still wields her power, where sounds, colors and ancestral lights will take you back into the peace of the maternal womb.

The path

In the apodyterium (dressing room), you will leave behind any object that may recall daily reality, and after having put it into a locker and wrapped yourself in a towel, you will prepare yourself to paticipate in an ancient ritual of meditation and purification.

The entrance will lead you into the anti-tepidarium (28°C/82.4°F). Here, after a warm shower, you will pay homage to the face of the Medusa and enter into the dry heat room (50°C/ 122°F), where you will remain from 10 to 15 minutes, with warm water ablutions to rid yourself of any tension, open your pores and wash away any impurities.

You will then descend into the round cistern of the tepidarium (30°C/86°F), and, still covered, you will lie on a lounger, abandoning yourself to the effects of the lighting and the sound of running water.

From here you will pass directly into the calidarium, or hammam (45°C/113°F – 100% humidity), where you will be immersed in a steam bath for 15 minutes. The heat will open your blood vessels, ease stress, and will leave you in a state of pleasant fatigue.

A new ablution, a brief pause for meditation on the stone benches or on the loungers of the tepidarium, and finally you will head back up to the natural swimming pool, the frigidarium (29°C/84.2°F). After drinking a hot herb tea and a glass of cool water flowing from the mouth of the Medusa, you will enter the pool for a tonifying swim into the bowels of the earth…

You may even repeat the path, but in the end you won’t be able to say how long the ritual has lasted, because time will have stopped… the minutes will have become moments, soft as silk.

This wellness path has a duration of 90 minutes.


Please note that the TERMAE are open during the following hours:

morning 9.00 a.m. – 13.00 a.m.
afternoon 2.00 a.m. – 9.30 p.m.

Reservation is suggested.

We would like to remind you that according to the Health Regulation, the use of a bathing cap in the swimming pool is mandatory, even for bald people, and due to the peculiar shape of the pool we have been required to forbid minors under age 18 from utilizing it, even if they are accompanied or experienced swimmers.

ENTRANCE FEES (includes use of bathrobe and swimming cap)

€ 25 Locanda’s guests
€ 30 external guests



  • Partial Holistic Massages (30 minutes – € 50,00)
  • Face/Neck massage with melissa and sage oil –
    soothing, antiwrinkle
  • Back massage with geranium and peppermint oil –
    decongestant, calming
  • Leg massage with rosemary and juniper oil – draining
  • Foot massage with lavender oil – stimulating

Total Body Holistic Massages (50 minuti – € 70,00)

  • Relaxing massage with lavander oil
  • Energizing massage with geranium and peppermint oil

Candle massage Total Body (50 minuti – € 90,00)


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