The Ancient Termae Romanae

The Ancient Termae Romanae of the Locanda di San Martino are a site dedicated to the rites of the Medusa. You will move through rocky tunnels and authentic cisterns  in an extratemporal space.  where sounds, colors and lights will bring you back to an ancestral womb.

The wellness journey

After changing in the apodyterium (changing room), with your bathrobe, you  enter the anti-tepidarium (temperature 28°C) for a warm chromotherapy shower.

From here, you descend into the calidarium or hammam (temperature >50°C – humidity 100%) to immerse yourself in a steam bath that will dilate blood vessels, relieve stress, and leave you in a state of pleasant exhaustion.

Climb towards the dry heat room (sauna, temperature >50°C) to release tension, open your pores, and sweat away every impurity. Move to the fenugreek biosauna (temperature 40°C, humidity 40%) to start cooling the body, and then rejuvenate with a cold shower that will stimulate venous blood circulation. Continue the journey by lying down on the chaise longues in the stone jacuzzi for a complete body massage.

Conclude the journey with a relaxing and toning swim in the frigidarium (29°C), a cave pool at the end of which you will find a cistern with a whirlpool for feet and lower back.

In the chromotherapy cistern of the tepidarium (temperature 30°C), you can relax while enjoying an organic herbal tea and giving in to the light and sound effects of the flowing water.

The wellness journey has a maximum duration of 90 minutes.


  • Opening hours:
    morning 09:00 – 13:00
    afternoon 14:00 – 21:30
  • Entry fee: €25 for internal guests
    €30 for external guests

includes the use of a bathrobe and swimming cap, provided on site

  • Reservation is required
  • Guests must bring their own swimsuit and flip-flops/slippers
  • The use of a swimming cap is required in the pool even for people without hair
  • We are absolutely prohibited from allowing access to the Termae Romanae for minors under 18 years of age, even if accompanied or proficient swimmers.

    According to art. 2 of Law 323/2000, the waters within the Wellness Center do not have a therapeutic or healing function.


Body Treatments

Partial Holistic Massages (30 minutes – €50.00)

  • Face/Neck massage with lemon balm and sage oil – relaxing, anti-wrinkle
  • Back massage with geranium and peppermint oil – energizing

decongestant, soothing

  • Leg massage with rosemary and juniper oil – draining
  • Foot massage with lavender oil – stimulating

Total Body Holistic Massages (50 minutes – €70.00)

  • Relaxing massage with lavender oil
  • Energizing massage with geranium and peppermint oil

Candle Massage for one person (50 minutes – €90.00)
Candle Massage for two (50 minutes – €180.00)

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