Ancient Roman Termae Regulation

1) Opening times of the TERMAE
The opening time of the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE is the following:
08:00am – 13:00am
02:00pm – 09:30pm
Before accessing the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE all guests have to pass through the Hotel Reception.

2 – Rules of use of the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE
It is not allowed to spend time in the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE without a swimsuit, and you can only access wearing rubber sandals, which must be placed in the specific compartments before entering the pool. In specific cases and with the staff’s permission, it is possible to enter the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE wearing the adequate shoe covers. Due to hygiene reasons it is mandatory to shower and to wear a swimming cap before entering the pool.
Waste of any type has to be thrown away in the designated bins.

3 – Rules of use of changing rooms, lockers and towels
Guests must get dressed and undressed exclusively in the changing rooms, in which it is allowed to change and dry your hair for a normal amount of time.
Clothes and personal belongings cannot be brought into the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE, but must be placed in the designated lockers located in the changing areas.
Lockers can be used to deposit small-value personal belongings, worth less than € 200.00. The Hotel Administration and staff do not take responsibility for misuse of the lockers (e.g., not in compliance with that specified here above).
The Hotel Administration and staff are not responsible for objects and valuables left unattended inside the structure.
For hygiene reasons it is not allowed to use personal towels or robes collected from the hotel rooms inside the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE, but only the bathrobes handed by the Locanda’s staff, which must be returned on the way out.

4 – Access limitations in the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE
A maximum of 16 bathers is allowed in the pool, and a maximum of 3 guests in the tepidarium and laconicum respectively. Overall a maximum of 19 guests is allowed in the ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE at the same time.
Guests who present wounds, skin lesions, bandages or plasters are not allowed to enter the pool. People who suffer from diseases that may put themselves and other guests at risk by using the pool are invited, for their own and others’ safety, to communicate their pathology to the staff before entering the water.
In order to preserve the right of all guests to feel safe and enjoy their time, in the entire ANCIENT TERMAE ROMANAE it is not allowed:
a) to enter beyond the changing rooms with shoes;
b) to smoke or eat;
c) to use one’s own hair dryer;
d) to introduce dogs or other animals;
e) to introduce small radios, sound-producing machines or other electronic appliances;
f) to introduce and use video cameras or photo cameras or scuba diving equipment, unless authorized by the service staff;
g) to screech, to run, or to put oneself and other guests in any dangerous situation;
h) to introduce in the pool garments or objects of any sort, including balls, floats, boogie boards and especially glass objects.
i) to spit in the pool water or to spread any form of liquid;
l) to enter the pool if one or more body parts are overspread with oils or cremes.

Enjoy your stay
The Administration